Give It Up

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During the season of Lent many people give something up.  Some do it out of tradition, some do it to feel better about themselves, others do it because they think it will help them relate to the suffering of Jesus.  But what should be our true motive behind it?  Giving something up is designed to make us more like Christ.  We are called to cut out those things that are hindering our relationship with God and neighbor.  It’s not supposed to be a 40 days, “let’s see how much self-control I can have”—sort of thing.  We’re called to a lifestyle change where we give up what is standing in our way of becoming more like Christ, and take up practices that will draw us closer to Him.  So this Lent, don’t give up the chocolate or social media (unless you really think it helps you draw closer to Jesus) and instead give up something really bad.

March 10 - Guilt & Shame- Matthew 9:1-13

March 17 - Judgment - Matthew 7:1-6

March 24 - Fear & Anxiety - Matthew 14:22-23

March 31 - Apathy - Matthew 25:31-46

April 7 - Resentment & Bitterness - Matthew 18:21-35

April 14 - Self-Sufficiency - Matthew 21:1-11

Sara Williams